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Eugene Kadiri
At Brockley Deli, 29/05/2016
Performing at Brockley Deli, 29 May 2016
Birth place London
Origin Mother's womb
Occupation Sudetenland and Wall Street, hopefully
Years active Enough
Instruments Rauschpfeife, pocket clarinet, musical saw, ney (owned, not necessarily played); mouth trumpet, vocals
Web links
Soundcloud https://soundcloud.com/eugenekadiri
Tumblr http://eugenekadiri.tumblr.com/
Twitter https://twitter.com/eugenekadiri

"[You are] quietly arrogant" Eugene's mother


Eugene Kadiri was born in the past, and grew up in it too. Today, he very much exists somewhere in the present, except when he's reminiscing.


'What career?' you might ask. What career indeed.

Since 2014, Eugene has performed several stand-ups at no-one's request (yet to die on stage; click the link for some proof) and compered a Brockley Deli gig night, normally hosted by Phoebe Osborne of Penniless Cove fame.

He performed three songs (as Habib) at the Brockley Deli (see profile image), as part of the 2016 Brockley Max Festival, two of which are as yet unreleased, titled Circular reasoning and This is no place for lovers.

They may well continue to be the case for the foreseeable future, as he is currently working on producing a volume of Skits'n'Giggles (please see Discography below) which has been progress for longer than he can remember now (think Chinese Democracy, if it helps). Eugene is said to be actively considering semi-retirement during such periods of inactivity.

In August 2017, Eugene performed yet another stand-up, this time a full show called The New Number 2, at the London branch of Ziferblat – the living room venue's first-ever stand up show (again, no-one asked for it). An audio recording has since surfaced on Soundcloud. This was followed by a short set as part of a roster of comedians on the first-ever incarnation of Stand Up At Central hosted by Lena Margereta at the Picturehouse Central cinema in London.

He has since returned to musical affairs, releasing the minor work 20 cre8teen in the summer of 2018, and making a lot of noises in the right direction of 'doing more of the singing and dancing lark' (UPDATE: he has since stopped that nonsense again).

Eugene has also been immortalised in comic strip form (Habs & Rammers), a sketch dedicated to illustrating the often flippant remarks he makes during trivial conversations.

He otherwise spends much of his time attempting to compose song cycles on various themes, many of which are aborted or are deleted (hence titles in red), hence the quality of his titling is often superior to his actual artistic output.



Teacher training

The marital arts


Hep in C


Skits'n'Giggles, vol.1

Mixtapes series

Music for hip-hop houseparties

Music for electrical appliances

Music for cocaine parties and concept clothes stores

Music for musos

20 cre8teen

Slow jamz for sh•gg•rs

Dissonant dances for dunderheads and demagogues

Jigs for jivers

Low brow High court dance suite

Other mildly averting musical initiatives

Too much? Never! (An homage to Luther Vandross)


October 2015
Cave – with Ella Jean

September 2015
The Trump Rap – with Ella Jean



It's the kindness wot kills you

Restlessness In Peace


Why I don't write

Why housing is so unaffordable


And she waits

The festival spirit

Shelf life

Habs & Rammers sketches

February 2016 – Text back

January 2016 – Star Wars: Awoken with force

Appearances / Performances

July 2015 – Lupus Albus, St Giles-in-the-Fields

December 2015 – Acoustic gig night, Brockley Deli

May 2016 – Brockley Acoustic Mini Music Fest, Brockley Deli

August 2017 – The New Number 2, Ziferblat London

August 2017 – Stand-Up At Central, Picturehouse Central

February 2019 – Five-minute set at the Lion's Den Comedy Car Crash, Bar Rumba